Returns Policy


The purpose of the policy is to outline the process to be followed by a customer in the case of a returned product and also outline the parameters to be met in order for a product to be accepted by SCG Foods as a return.


We may occasionally change these Terms, so we encourage you to review the terms periodically.
The most current version of the Terms (along with their effective date) will be linked from each of the Services. If you continue to use the Services after we change the Terms, you accept all changes.
In the case where the customer wants to complain or compliment SCG Foods, the customer must send an email to
All SCG Foods products shall be handled as per the storage guideline on the label or as below (particularly for quarters and lamb carcasses). The cold chain shall be maintained at all times to ensure product safety and the shelf life is met.
Chilled products must be stored at 1˚C and frozen products at -18˚C.
In the case where the product has been temperature abused, SCG Foods shall not be liable for any damage caused.
The product return policy validity is product dependent (please see below) and it is the client’s responsibility to either return the product within the specified time frame or contact the sales representative in order to arrange for collection, within the specified time frame.
Mince and portions shall be returned within 24 hours of delivery.
Processed products shall be returned within 2 days of delivery.
Primals shall be returned within 5 days of delivery.
Quarters and lamb carcasses shall be returned within 24 hours of delivery.
If any of the above was not adhered to SCG Foods may not consider the claim.
Process to be followed when returning product:
It is the customer’s responsibility to return the product to SCG Foods at their expense (or unless approved by the General Manager). SCG Foods may choose to bill the client for any transport costs.
The product returned shall be in its original, unopened packaging and state (fresh/frozen) and the product traceability information must be available i.e. product shall have the original SCG Foods label/serial number.
The proof of purchase (receipt/invoice) shall accompany all claims.
After the product has been received it shall be assessed by the Technical/QC Manager, and the outcome shall be communicated to the customer within 7 – 14 working days as an independent auditor may be brought in. The outcome of the assessment will determine whether the claim is valid or invalid.
If the claim is valid, the refund shall be done as per the original payment i.e. if the product were purchased in cash the refund shall be in cash.
It remains the sole discretion of management to replace, refund, partially refund or reject any claim.
All customers purchasing products from SCG Foods hereby bind themselves to the above terms and conditions.